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Think about it… what could be better for your professional career development during these cold winter months than to prepare your resume for an exciting new position as a real estate agent in wonderful, warm Panama Central America?

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But before you go too far, make sure you have your passport, and start your paperwork for a Visa (super-simple; call your local State Representative’s office, and they’ll hook you up with the website to do the paperwork)!2015 Beautiful Panama Beach-Front Property View

2015 panama beachfront property investment career education, part 1


ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Blueprint – What Is the Impact on Thailand Property Investment?
by Michael Barricelli
In 2008 the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) adopted the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Blueprint. Each member agreed to “abide by and implement the AEC by 2015″. This is the first in a series of articles which explores all these questions. We will also update you on progress in adopting the AEC, with particular emphasis on Thailand and AEC’s impact on investment here. We will place particular emphasis on the effect on the property market in Thailand.

Central America Panama beachfront property for sale Tips For Real Estate Agents – 5 Tips For Higher Returns
by Bill Len
Now that the real estate market is starting to improve, you may be wondering what you can do to start improving the returns you could realize in the market. Depending on your area, sometimes the low selling prices make this easier, but most of the time it takes more. Here are five tips that can help keep you on track to maximize your returns.

Being Skillful at Anything: The 4 Levels of Learning
by J. Massey
You can’t look good while learning a new skill at the same time. That includes Real Estate Investing! There are FOUR levels of learning you have to go through with anything. To become competent in your new skill, you have to get through the first three levels. It’s kind of like a cool video game, except you’re playing for keeps… and to earn thousands of dollars per transaction, which takes practice and the right knowledge.

Your panama beachfront property 2015 investment career education, part 2
…remember… there’re many ways to make profits, so think outside the box and dream a little while reading these posts. : )


Determining Your Budget For Repairs and Upgrades When Flipping a House
by Bill Len
If you are new to the house flipping business, you are probably still filled with excitement over all of the possibilities that exist. It can be easy to get swept away in the wave of that moment’s adrenaline and forget that some things will be costly to repair.

That is not to say that they should not be attempted. Rather it means you need to be aware of what it will cost to flip a house and to factor those costs into your budget.

Montenegro Investment
by Millie M
Why is Montenegro an investment gem? What’s the best way to invest in Montenegro?

The New Paramount Park and The Murcia Property Market
by Alana Holder
The funding of the new Paramount Park in Spain continues to be a stumbling block, but a government grant to help with the cost has been approved. Should development go ahead, the Murcia property market should see a real boost in years to come.

Property Investment Doesn’t Have To Be Hard: Read These Six Tips
by Ben Rock
1. Get the Right Guidance – Good planning is essential to your financial success. Seeking advice from qualified and established experts in the field means that you have access to their valuable experience and knowledge about what works and what doesn’t. Assembling a good team of property investment professionals ensures that you have the support you need through every step of the process. The first member of your support team should be a Qualified Property Investment Advisor (QPIA). They’ll know the right formula to follow to ensure your success and will help you apply that formula to your unique set of circumstances.

Next, you’ll need an experienced mortgage broker, licensed buyer’s agent and a solicitor/conveyancer. You will also need an independent pest and building inspector and a reliable property manager but if you’ve found a good buyer’s agent that focus on building a relationship rather than a transaction, they will be able to provide you with some recommendations for a reliable property manager. And finally, to complete your ‘A-Team’, you will need a good accountant.

Great panama beachfront property 2015 investment career lessons, part 3
Fun insights for Professional resume building:


Who Let The REIT Out?
by Carlos O Gomez
The structure of real estate investment funds are difficult for most investors to understand and in particular how a company with real estate assets spins off into a REIT. This article explores the 2014 rave for companies to seek tax sheltering by converting to a REIT.

Will Rising Rates Kill Real Estate Funds?
by Carlos O Gomez
REIT funds performed well above most other equities in 2014. What’s not to like about their high dividend yields and appreciation? Investors worry if rising interest rates will take the wind out of the sail of REITs. This article explains why it is really a mixed bag of a situation.

Creating Your Own Pension With Apartment Investing
by Christopher Urso
Investing in apartments is a great way to diversify your portfolio. Multifamily investing is the fastest way to create wealth in real estate. Here are the “magnificent seven” reasons that multifamily investing can secure your future.

Top 3 Things You Need To Invest In Apartments
by Christopher Urso
There has never been a better time in history to invest in apartments. Here are the top 3 things you’ll need to be a successful multifamily real estate investor.

Taxes and Investing in Real Estate in Canada
by Alex Pupkin
The Canadian real estate market is robust and potentially very lucrative. Even during the worst economic times of the new millennium, real estate in Canada weathered the storm remarkably well. Plus, there are no citizenship or residency requirements for owning property in Canada. Indeed, you can live in a Canadian residence on a temporary basis, even without residency or citizenship; though there are immigration requirements for extended stays. Still, the market is open to investors around the world but to make the most of your investment, it is important to have a solid understanding of taxes in Canada.

Summary: Your Panama Beachfront Property Will Bring In Your Job Oppt’y!

You’re going to be amazed… because what could be better for your professional career development during these cold winter months than to prepare your resume for an exciting new position as a real estate agent in Central America’s Panama Beach Region?

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